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RP journal for an OC

Angel is a shape-shifter from a planet other than earth. She found a way to make a portal to leave her home. In all technicality she could do it again, but she's satisfied with the new home she found and has no interest in returning home. She's the last of a dying race of mages from a dying planet that expects miracles from her but refuses to take responsibility for their actions.

Her human form has some elements of the secondary shape she can take, an ocelot. As a human she still has fangs, retractable claws, and slit pupils. She's taken to living in her ocelot form and living on the streets as a feline. Her mentality is far more feline than human anyway so it works better. Plus it means she doesn't have to deal with people as much, something she's a little leery on because she's used to people who want something unreasonable from her.

It should also be noted that Angel is a very powerful empath. She has the ability to absorb anothers emotions or project her own on to them, but typically tries to limit her use of this and just feel out if a person has good intentions or not when they speak to her.

Mun and muse both over 18.
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